Work Package 1: Systems for increased fuel flexibility


The objective is to build engines able to switch between fuels, whilst operating in the most cost effective way and complying with the regulations in all sailing regions. Therefore, a fuel injection system for multi fuel purposes in marine diesel engines will be developed and fuel flexible engine operation will be demonstrated, applying closed loop control and adaptive cylinder lubrication systems. The potential to reduce fuel consumption and emissions simultaneously should be assessed depending on the fuel composition.

To this end, studies of ignition, spray penetration, injection system development needs with future fuels will be carried out. New in-cylinder measurement and sensor techniques with improved accuracy and in new areas like the analysis of intermediate combustion products will be developed. In order to obtain a better understanding of the basic phenomena involved in this context, such development also requires fundamental experimental investigations, making use of advanced test facilities. Therefore, the feasibility of developing a dedicated rapid compression / expansion machine (RCEM) facility shall be assessed.

Work Package 1 Partners