Work Package 3: Intermetallics and advanced materials for marine engines


The objective of the work on materials, with prominent involvement of academic institutions, is to examine the possibilities of using novel materials in engines. These new materials facilitate the development of components that enable higher engine loads, hereby increasing efficiency and lower emissions by providing more freedom to optimize combustion. Besides this, also these new materials should ensure a longer lifetime performance and durability. Work will focus on intermetallics, tailoring manufacturing routes and materials properties to meet the required demands and develop joining technologies for such materials for engine components.

For various reasons related to engine emissions and efficiency having the possibility to increase the exhaust gas temperature before turbocharger will pay dividends. This inevitably leads to the need of reviewing materials (and design) of turbine casing, the turbine stator (mostly referred as “nozzle ring”) and the turbine wheel consisting of the turbine disc and the turbine blades. Within this subproject the focus will be on the most affected component: the turbine casing.

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