HERCULES-2 2nd Partners’ Forum

The HERCULES-2 2nd Partners’ Forum took place in Helsinki, Finland on 5 October 2016, hosted by Wärtsilä Finland. The Partners’ Forum is an informal assembly of representatives of all partners. It convenes annually, organised by the Project Coordinator, to exchange views, present results and assist in bottom-up coordination and assessment of objectives. The Forum included also a Poster Session with presentations of all project Work Packages.

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Speaker Presentation
S. Bleuanus Welcome
N. Kyrtatos Coordinator
A. Schmid, K. Portin Work Package 1 progress
J. Hult, F. Unfugt Work Package 2 progress
M. Damani Work Package 3 progress
R. Thumser Work Package 4 progress
J. Rösgren, M. Stark Work Package 5 progress
M. Moser Work Package 6 progress
J. Leinonen, D. Peitz Work Package 7 progress
L. Schmidt Work Package 8 progress
All participants Q&A
5th of October, 2016