Johnson Matthey Plc

Johnson Matthey Plc, headquartered in London, has around 12000 employees in over 30 countries. Johnson Matthey is a major catalyst supplier including emission control catalysts supplied through its Emission Control Technology (ECT) Division. As part of ECT, the Stationary Emission Control (SEC) group provides emission control catalysts and equipment for marine, railroad/locomotive, stationary power generation (reciprocating engines, turbines, coal boilers), and industrial applications. JM SEC consists of regional business organizations responsible for Europe, Asia and North America. These businesses are supported by a dedicated global technology group with facilities and staff in North America and Germany (Johnson Matthey Catalysts (Germany) GmbH).


JM involvement in H-2:

Johnson Matthey is participating in the work package for highly integrated emissions reduction systems. Johnson Matthey’s core competency in Emission Control Technology resides in its catalyst & filter technology and in the engineering technology associated with achieving optimum performance from these products.

United Kingdom