Work Package 8: Integrated SCR and combined SCR and filter



  • Investigation of High Pressure SCR process; injection, mixing, decomposition and flow distribution with the aim of making the SCR components compact while still maintaining the same  high performance as best available technology today
  • Designing of engine integrated High Pressure SCR system with unaffected engine footprint and only slightly affected gallery arrangement around the engine        
  • Testing of compact High Pressure SCR component performance on 4T50ME-X test engine


  • 80% PM reduction with after-treatment system (based on IMO Tier II engine out emissions)
  • 80 % NOx reduction with after-treatment system to reach IMO Tier III limits
  • Investigate necessary installation space for after-treatment system SCR on DPF within IMO Tier III SCR system
  • Adaptation and integration of the after-treatment system (SCR on DPF) on a marine Diesel engine

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