The Innovation Areas in the HERCULES-2 project associated to the various Work Packages are presented in below table.

Innovation Areas in HERCULES-2 Project Related Work Package Group

Improved understanding of injection, ignition, combustion and emissions formation

Fuel flexible Engine

Advanced test facilities with optical access

Novel measurement techniques – laser illumination, high speed video

Reaction kinetics enabled CFD numeric tools

Closed loop control of multi-fuel injection systems

Novel intermetallic material characterization (mechanical, physical, chemical)

New Materials

Integration of Thermomechanical fatigue behaviour

New Joining technologies

New Heat treatment and manufacturing process investigations

Prototype manufacturing of test components

Prototype components installation in test engines

Predictive model based controls with adaptive and self-learning behaviour

Adaptive Powerplant for lifetime performance

Multiple-in / Multiple-out controllers

Online monitoring using advanced additional sensors

Real time diagnostics

Smart software-based failure detection and analysis

Software-based evaluation of performance and component wear

Offline tool for optimal tuning of engine throughout its lifetime

Un-attended (online) engine control system updating

Real-time tribo monitoring sensors

Full scale testing of advanced optimised cylinder lubrication systems

Electronic actuator for retrofitting mechanically controlled engines

Prototype full-scale installations

High pressure SCR

Near-zero emissions engine

Vibration Resistant Catalysts

Closed loop emission sensing and control

Optimization of fuel consumption/emissions trade-off

Prototype SCR catalyst coating onto DPF substrates

Deactivation and regeneration of oxi-catalysts

Reduction agent, optimal injection, evaporation, reforming, mixing