HERCULES-2 1st Partners Forum

The HERCULES-2 1st Partners’ Forum took place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 23 October 2015, hosted by MAN Diesel & Turbo. The Partners’ Forum is an informal assembly of representatives of all partners. It convenes annually, organised by the Project Coordinator, to exchange views, present results and assist in bottom-up coordination and assessment of objectives. The Forum included also a Poster Session with presentations of all project Work Packages.

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Speaker Presentation
S. Mayer Welcome
N. Kyrtatos Coordinator-part 1
G. Mialocq EC Officer-part 1
EC Officer-part 2
N. Kyrtatos Coordinator-part 2
A. Schmid, K. Portin Work Package 1 progress
J. Hult Work Package 2 progress
M. Damani Work Package 3 progress
R. Thumser Work Package 4 progress
J. Rösgren, M. Stark Work Package 5 progress
M. Moser Work Package 6 progress
S. Bleuanus, D. Peitz Work Package 7 progress
H. Poulsen Work Package 8 progress



23rd of October, 2015