Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

The Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH (MPIE) is a legally autonomous research institute that conducts basic research on advanced materials, specifically steels and related metallic alloys. Since one century, complex chemical-physical synthesis, characterization, simulation and the link between atomic structure and the properties of materials are being investigated and enhanced. Projects are characterized by a highly interdisciplinary approach including close interfacing between experiment and theory.

The Institute with its international team of about 300 employees is organized in four departments:

  • Computational Materials Design (Prof. J. Neugebauer)
  • Interface Chemistry and Surface Engineering (Prof. M. Stratmann)
  • Microstructure Physics and Alloy Design (Prof. D. Raabe)
  • Structure and Nano-/Micromechanics of Materials (Prof. G. Dehm)

In addition to departmental research, certain research activities are of common interest within the MPIE. The main five cross-disciplinary topics are:

  • New Structural Materials
  • Microstructure-Related Material Properties
  • Stability of Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Scale-Bridging Simulation of Materials
  • Energy Materials

In many of these areas the Institute holds a position of international scientific leadership, particularly in multiscale materials modelling, surface science, metallurgical alloy design, and advanced structure characterization from atomic to macroscopic scales of complex engineering and functional materials.

Within the research area New Structural Materials, materials based on intermetallic phases play a major role. Such materials have been developed at MPIE for over 30 years and their microstructural, physical and chemical characterization and establishing their mechanical and corrosion properties is a key topic at MPIE.