Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH

Deloro Wear Solutions GmbH Koblenz is one of the world`s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wear-resistant solutions. The know-how in Cobalt and Nickel based materials and part production service provide the basis for a strong market position from Deloro. Deloro Wear  has more than 150 modern machines for the machining of the cast and coated components manufactured. The company is specialized in working with hard alloys and can offer to the customers ready- to-assemble parts of the highest quality. The wide range of materials and surfacing processes, including thermal spraying and welding processes, enables Deloro to take a targeted approach to solving the most difficult wear problems.

With more than 35 years of experience in the casting of wear- resistant alloys, Deloro uses different casting technologies, depending on the requirements.

Thus the company is able to produce cast components with weights ranging from a few grams up to 180 kg.

Deloro offers cobalt- based alloys (Stellite®) as well as nickel-based (Deloro®) and iron-based alloys (Delcrome®). For special applications Deloro develops exclusive material solutions for the customers.

Deloro delivers many applications within the engine market where wear is encountered from a sliding movement in the absence of lubrication and high temperatures. Especially the Tribaloy family is used in components for Turbo Chargers, in the EGR – system (exhaust gas recirculation) and parts for the valve drive.